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The GoldenDeal Platform

Questions? We have answers.

What is the GoldenDeal Platform?

The GoldenDeal Platform is a marketplace that connects real estate agents, potential home-sellers, and investors. Home-sellers can sell their property to investors with the help of a real estate agent in a few short steps without the hassle of marketing, showings, and months of uncertainty.  Home-sellers may choose to have their property added to the GoldenDeal Platform through an agent, receive one or more no obligation offers, and sell their property to investors.  If an unrepresented home-seller chooses to sell to an investor, GoldenDeal will connect them with a real estate professional to finalize the transaction.

What does it cost?

There is no cost for real estate agents to sign-up or upload a property to the GoldenDeal Platform. GoldenDeal does not charge a fee to the seller or seller’s agent upon the sale of their property to an investor. GoldenDeal charges a technology platform fee to investors to access the GoldenDeal Platform.

How do commissions work on the GoldenDeal Platform?

All commissions are between the home-seller and the seller’s agent.  By selling on GoldenDeal, the agent may earn both sides of the commission.  GoldenDeal is not brokerage and does not take any portion of the agent’s commission.

Can I participate if my listing is already active on the MLS?

No, the GoldenDeal Platform is only available for properties that are not already listed for sale. 

Is GoldenDeal good for my client?

Through the GoldenDeal Platform you can help your client skip the hassle of showings, repairs, financing issues, and months of uncertainty.  Through the GoldenDeal Platform you can provide your client the freedom to sell their home on their schedule.

Who are the investors?

The GoldenDeal Platform is a private real estate marketplace.  All investors are invited and verified by GoldenDeal.  Investors on GoldenDeal provide offers with no financing contingencies and typically close within 30 days.

Is the GoldenDeal Platform available in my area?

The GoldenDeal Platform is only available in the Greater Charlotte area and the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina.  Want the GoldenDeal Platform in your area? Let us know here.

Adding a property

What type of properties qualify for offers on the GoldenDeal Platform?

Investors are primarily interested in single family homes with a garage, 3+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms, built after 1970, and priced $100,000 to $285,000.  Each investor has their own buying criteria and may still choose not to make offers on qualifying properties.

How do I add a property to the GoldenDeal Platform?

Adding a property to the GoldenDeal Platform is fast and easy.  Simply add the address and the property details will auto-populate similar to a real estate search engine.  Then verify the property details, the asking price, and how long the property will be available on the GoldenDeal Platform.  Walk out of a listing appointment and add the property on the GoldenDeal Platform with just a few clicks!

What other information should I include when I add a property?

The most important information about the property is that it's available for purchase, its address, the asking price, and how long the property will be available.  Investors will be able to analyze your property based on this information and make a decision on whether or not to make an offer on your property.  Photos, rental comps, and sales comps make it easier and faster for investors to analyze your property.


How long does it take to get offers?

After you upload a qualifying property to the GoldenDeal Platform, it takes approximately five business days for interested investors to get back to you. You will be notified if your property qualifies, your property is rejected, or an investor makes an offer on your property.

How will I be contacted if I receive an offer?

You will receive all offers via email and you will be able to track the status of your properties on the GoldenDeal Platform.

If I receive an offer, am I obligated to sell to the investor?

Receiving offers or expressing interest in a specific offer doesn’t obligate you to sell your home. Even if you’ve accepted an offer, you are under no obligation until you’ve signed a contract. If the price changes after the investor completes a home inspection, for example, you can decline the offer.

Can I counter-offer?


Transaction Coordination

What are my obligations after my client accepts an offer?

After a home-seller accepts an offer, the seller’s agent will coordinate the inspection and the closing.  The investor may request another real estate professional to assist in the transaction coordination to update their systems and coordinate the earnest money deposit.

Why is there an inspection? Who pays for it?

Just like any other real estate buyer, most investors require an inspection before agreeing on a final price for your home. This helps them better understand their total costs. The investor is responsible for conducting and paying for any inspection, whether carried out by themselves or their representative.  The inspection will take place within the Due Diligence period established in the offer to purchase.

Some investors pay for a third-party licensed inspection. A licensed inspector will likely identify shortcomings or repairs that a traditional buyer would then ask you to correct; the investor will use that information to evaluate their costs.  Check the terms of each offer you receive to see if a third-party inspection is included.

Where is the closing?

The closing will take place at the investor’s preferred closing attorney’s office.

How soon will the home-sellers move once they accept an offer?

You will assist the home-seller and the investor determine the final closing date and other conditions.  The home-seller will have considerable flexibility and be able to close in as little as 30 days.